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Responsible Gambling

“The Gold Standard”

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Responsible gambling ethos

Our mission is to ensure that 'all our customers' are in control of their gambling.

We have created an Affordability Calculator which will help you work out how much you spend and where you spend it.
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All our staff have passed the latest Betting and Gaming Council training courses and have been trained to spot the danger signs of people who may have problems with gambling.

  • We close at 21.30pm which means that there is No Gambling through the night on Apps, Poker, Casinos and Slot Machines.
  • Our aim to look after You, our loyal customers, and to ensure that you are gambling safely and only spending what you can afford to
  • Our aim is this - Keep it simple, Keep it fun and ensure that you Keep in Control
  • Our aim is to provide you with the self-help tools and support that you need to help you to gamble safely and responsibly, which you can find at: - or



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