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Once you open an account with us you can use Whatsapp to quickly and securely place bets with us.

Simply send us a text to 07585545251 and include your account number in your initial text. We will then register you on our system as one of our new Whatsapp customers.


Clients may WhatsApp bets to us on the telephone number 07585545251

Confirmation Message & When is a Bet Considered Struck


The customer should be aware that telephone betting is a more efficient & safer way of taking bets than WhatsApp betting. If the customer chooses to WhatsApp their bets to Regency Betting Group, then the customer understands that Regency Betting Group may choose to refuse bets (or part of the bets) at their discretion and that customers may not always receive a text confirmation back before the start of the event. Regency Betting Group rules consider the bet to be struck when we reply to your message with a ‘Bet Confirmed’ Text. If customers do not receive a ‘Bet Confirmed’ text before the start of an event, then the responsibility is with the customer to call the office on 0800 678 1888 before the start of the event to see if their bet has been received & accepted. In the event that the customer, fails to receive a ‘Bet Confirmed’ text, Regency Betting Group will demonstrate to the customer that the ‘Bet Confirmed’ message was sent either before, or at the start of the event via the digital time-stamp which WhatsApp provide. We do not recommend betting by WhatsApp when close to the event start time, instead customers should phone their bets in, so they know that their bet is struck. Ideally, we advise customers not to WhatsApp their bets to us within 2 mins of the advertised start time, instead we recommend that customers phone them through. We can only accept bets/answer your queries between the hours of 09:30-21:30.

Bets placed by WhatsApp must be Staked appropriately within the customers available funds. If funds are not available, the customer will be asked for their CV2 number to process the bet . It is the customers responsibility to be aware of their available funds and can request a balance or a statement from our operators by phone, WhatsApp or email at any time.

Customers are encouraged to WhatsApp us with price enquiries. We will message you back with the current prices and then the customer can WhatsApp in their Bet Requests. If a price has changed, or our price on a selection is different from the price that the customer has sent through in their WhatsApp, we will inform the customer that it is ‘No Bet’ and inform the customer of the current market price if available. If the customer wishes to place the bet at the new price, then they must WhatsApp the bet request again making clear the bet instruction at the new price. To avoid disappointment Regency Betting Group recommends that customers phone through their bets during periods when price changes may be frequent.

Bets received after the off the event will be considered void and will not stand regardless of when the WhatsApp was sent. The time on our phone system, powered by WhatsApp will state the time that we received the text and if it is after the official start time of an event, the bet will be void. Regency Betting Group advise all customers to place their bets over the phone when close to the start of an event by calling 0800 678 1888.

It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your mobile phone. Other than where Regency Betting Group has been negligent, we will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of misuse or unauthorised use of your mobile phone number or Account with Regency Betting Group, whether fraudulent or otherwise.

If you no longer want to receive special offers from us, please WhatsApp OPT OUT to 07585545251

Enjoy the Benefits of telephone betting

  • Open: 9:30am – 9:30pm, 7 days a week
  • No problems getting your money out
  • Same day payouts can be available
  • Most bets accepted — far more than most online accounts
  • Oddschecker pricing
  • You can deposit into your account so no traceable lifestyle
    transactions which can affect credit score on conventional online sites

Larger bets at bookmaker's discretion.

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